Chapter 7 bankruptcy is designed to eliminate unsecured debt (such as credit card, medical and utility bills).  Once you receive a Chapter 7 debt discharge, you no longer owe that debt. 

The Chapter 13 code is designed to allow people more time to repay their debts (interest-free and at much, much lower rates).  Chapter 13 is also designed to stop foreclosure and repossessions.

Student Loan Analysis

You may need a Student Loan Analysis if:

  • If you are you receiving calls from debt collectors?
  • Being threatened with lawsuit, wage garnishment, social security offset, or tax refund offset?
  • Wondering if you qualify for public service/teacher loan forgiveness?
  • Being sued for a student loan?
  • In default but not sure how to get out?
  • Unable to afford your current minimum payment?
  • Wondering if you qualify for a discharge?
  • Thinking about bankruptcy?

If you answered YES to any of the above, call (928) 386-0476 to schedule a one (1) hour Student Loan Analysis by phone or in person for $200.

By the end of the Analysis, you'll have a clear idea of what you can do to better handle your situation.  Our goal is to demystify student loans -- what can and cannot happen, what options you have, and how to deal with your loans to put you in control.

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